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01 January 2012

The Birth of The Moon

ONCE UPON A TIME it was dark at night and the animals couldn't see a thing.
So they asked the sun if he would shine on them during the night as well as the day.
"I'm sorry, but I can't," said the sun.

"I have to light the other side of the world. When it's night here, it's day there. But I have an idea. Watch the sky tonight. There will be a surprise."

The animals waited impatiently all day long. When night fell, they saw a tiny crescent of light in the sky.
"Bravo!" they cried. "Thank you, Sun!"

The next morning the sun asked the animals how they liked the surprise.
"It's wonerful!" they replied. "But could you make the crescent a little bigger?"
"I will try," said the sun.
And that night, the crescent of light had grown.

Each night the crescent grew and grew, until it became a lovely, round full moon.

The animals soon became used to having light at night. They didn't marvel at it anymore and they didn't even think of thanking the sun.

This made the sun angry. He made the moon smaller, until one night it completely disappeard.
That night the sky was dark again.
"How ungrateful we were," said the animals sadly.

The next day they went to apologize to the sun.
"We're sorry," they said. "Please bring back the moon. We can't see at night without it."
"All right," said the sun. "But from now on, the moon will wax and wane to remind you to appreciate my gift to you."

Ever since then, the moon disappears completely one night a month. But it always returns -sometimes as just a tiny crescent, sometimes as a round full moon- to light the night for the animals.

Story from: The Birth of The Moon, by Coby Hol.
Illustrated by: Little Strawberry ART CLUB Student's Group Project (1-6 grade)
Photos by: CnR Studio.

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