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05 February 2012

Cute Bento & Fun Ideas For Kid's Lunches

Moms in Japan have taken cute to the kitchen and now you can too with the pop culture phenomenon of kawaii cooking. The trend is catching on with families in America and adorable characters (kyaraben) are peeking out of lunch boxes everywhere, replacing the prepackaged, over-processed meals that are mainstream in school cafeterias.

These cute foods are usually served in bento boxes from Japan, but parents will love the healthy ideas to make snack and mealtime fun for even the pickiest eaters! Don't be afraid of the natto and nori because even the most squeamish American cooks can use familiar foods to create edible art that is almost too cute to eat!

You'll find tons of obento cookbooks, recipes, and bento supplies right here. Plus, learn secret tips for making those cute faces on your food!

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Little Strawberry ART CLUB is a school club for primary students 1-6 grade. The activity in this class includes; drawing, painting, printing, cut & paste, etc...
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Kids Crafts Supplies for your Little Artist ^v^

Crafts are a great way to keep kids occupied and off the video games. Whether it's a rainy day or summer vacation. You should always have a few crafts supplies to keep around the house for those unexpected, rainy days!

Here are a few things to keep on hand to insure your kids will have something to do at all times:

On many sites, you can actually search for craft ideas by the required supplies or materials. I've also put some of my favorite resources and links for kids Craft Here, or you can go to the Kids Corner on sidebar :)